Frequently Asked Q & A

We have gathered a few frequently asked questions that we receive from customers, such as rental reservations, procedures, and payment methods. Please check here for any answers before you contact us.

About Departure & Return

Q. Is there transportation service to/from the airport?

A. We offer “airport transfer” where we will pick you up from the airport and take you to the office to check-in for rental vehicles. If you wish for “airport transfer” we will print out a PDF of the quick start to the customer in advance, confirm the contents of the statement, agree, sign it and bring it to the site beforehand.

Q. What should be done with the gas/petrol upon return of the vehicle?

A. The car will come with a full tank of petrol when given out for rental, so please return the vehicle with a full tank. There is a  station across the street from our Airport office.

About reservations and terms of use

Q. How does the reservation process work?

A. We take online reservations 24/7

Car Models・Rates || Booking Flow

Please check the above pages and make your reservation online. After confirmation, we will contact you via email for details.

Q. What do I need to prepare?

A. You will need to prepare a driver’s license, any paperwork besides the license that shows your current address (must be paperwork within two months of current time),  seal or signature, and the payment for the rental car.

※ You can not borrow a vehicle if you can not bring the document with the current address

Q. Is it still possible to rent a vehicle if I forgot my license on the rental date?

A. We are unable to rent out cars without a driver’s license.

Q. There are multiple drivers - does everyone need to bring their license on the rental date or just one is sufficient?

A. Everyone who plans on driving must have their license on hand on the rental date.

About the Vehicle

Q. Is smoking prohibited in the vehicles?

A. Smoking/non-smoking depends on which car you are looking to rent. Please check the car model page for specific details.

car models・rates

Q. Are pets allowed?

A. Unfortunately, we do not allow pets in our rental cars. Pets in cages are prohibited as well.

About Prices & Payment

Q. Is there a cancellation fee?


  • 7 days before departure / free of charge

  • 6 ~ 3 days before departure / 20% of basic charge

  • 2 to 1 day before departure date / 30% of basic charge

  • On departure day / 50% of basic charge

Q. What payment methods do you accept?

A. We accept cash and credit cards.

Q. When should we make payments?

A. Payments will be accepted at the date and time of rental car pick-up or delivery

About equipment and options

Q. Does the rental car come with a car navigation system?

A. Car navigations are not installed in vehicles but if it necessary we can provide navigation upon request. There is a limited number and it is an in-advance reservation system so please apply according to your car reservation. One time use of navigation is ¥1000.

Q. Is ETC (Electronic Toll Collection System) use available?

A. The Isis, Long Caravan, and High-roof Caravan are equipped with ETC equipment so if you have an ETC, you may use it with those given vehicles. The other rental cars do not come with the ETC system.

Q. Are child seats provided?

A. We provide child seats for free upon request. We have a limited amount, so please request for the option when making your rental car reservation. We do not provide child seats for children under one years old, so please bring them if necessary. The customer will be responsible for mounting the car seat; if our staff installs the carseat in the vehicle, it is still the customer’s responsibility to confirm the safety of use. In the event of an accident or injury, we will not take responsibility so please apply accordingly. We thank you for your understanding.

About insurance & compensation

Q. What is a non-operation charge (NOC)?

A. In the event of vehicle damage due to an accident that our customer is at fault, regardless of the degree of damage or repair, please bear the following amounts as part of operation compensation:

  • ¥20,000  if returned to office at the scheduled time

  • ¥50,000 if unable to return to office at the scheduled time

Note: Please bear that this will apply even if you join the exemption compensation system

Q. What should I do if I get into an accident?

A. In the event of an accident, please take the following measures promptly. Important paperwork/procedures for applying for insurance and compensation are included so please do not forget to remember all four.

  1. Relief of injured person

  2. Report and notify accident to the police (accident report will be required at a later date)

  3. Confirmation of the other party (for later communication to go smoothly)

  4. Contact the accident reception center

Q. What if I put a dent or scratch in the car?

A. Regardless of the size of scratches or dents, presence or absence of the opponent, it becomes “accident handling”. Please do not forget to take the procedures mentioned above, not only for accidents but for scratches, dents, and even situations that you cannot judge it to be necessary. (If necessary procedures are not taken, insurance and compensation can not be applied and it will be borne by customers)